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Kaleb Bagley - CFHS Class of 2017

Kaleb... As you navigate your Senior year, remember where you came from.

These are the best days of your life, and they are shaping you into the wonderful person that you are.

You will have countless "lasts" this year, and as your Mama watches from the sidelines and cries tears of joy, sadness, and immense pride.... Soak. Every. Morsel. Up.

Soak up the experiences.

Soak up your Mama's love.

Soak up the time you spend with your friends.

Soak up all that chlorine and drill after drill.

You will not only miss it all, but will cherish these moments for ever.

You are one of the kindest boys I know, and I'm proud to call you a friend. Your future is so bright, Kaleb!

Shine away!!!

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